15 min. B&W in English

produced for the Potato Wolf TV Show by COLAB, NYC

by Caterina Borelli and Alex Halkin ©1981

“’The Yellow Ribbon Conspiracy’ is the artists’ response to the merchandising of the hostages by the media. On the street interviews conducted in New York City’s parade for the hostages, (the objective method of gauging reaction to the News) are combined with performance sections, dramatizing the media’s “selling off ” the hostages, especially the multifarious ways they sought to “flesh out” the story and keep it “hot” for over a year. The performance sections, complete with a sleazy “used car salesman”, are abrasive but telling of the personal reactions of the video makers to this much-publicized event.” Ann Sargent Wooster, Program notes to “Documentary Days” DCTV – Downtown Community TV, New York City, May 1981