16 min. in Italiano with English subtitles

written, produced, directed, camera and editing by Caterina Borelli ©1985

co-produced by Videografia, Barcelona and The Tape Connection, Rome 

with excerpts from the book “The invisible cities” by Italo Calvino

“Borelli’s “Passeggiate Romane” for example, splits the screen, drawing a line between the daily fare offered up on Italian TV and a series of quotidian images taken from the streets of Rome. The two images are connected by the fact that they occupy the same moment in time, in history, but are held apart by their diverse relation to that history”   Dan Walworth, program notes to “Buying in and selling out: dealing with the forms of broadcast television” Artists’ Space, New York City, 1987


(English below) “Passeggiate Romane” esplora il rapporto tra media, esperienza personale e memoria. È uno sguardo sui miei ricordi della città in cui sono cresciuta. La narrazione è strutturata come in una giornata di programmazione televisiva, giustapponendo ciò che andava in onda e ciò che ricordo succedeva in città in quel momento particolare della giornata. Il testo di Italo Calvino scorre sullo schermo dando una chiave metaforica al video. 

“Passeggiate Romane” explores the relationship between media, personal experience and memory. It is a look back at my memories of the city where I grew up. The narration is structured as in a day of television programming, juxtaposing what was on the air and what I remember the city being like (or focused on) at that particular time of the day. The text of Italo Calvino scrolls on the bottom of the screen giving a metaphorical key to the video.  VTape distribution catalogue, Toronto