13 min. in English

produced by Anne Wendling, Marco Paccosi and Caterina Borelli

co-producer, director, camera and editing Caterina Borelli, © 1984

“Topographies of neglect, poverty, social marginalization: Bowery, Tompkins Square, Brooklyn… Four videos made in New York by authors from different backgrounds or geographical origins, showing the social concern, testimonial and critical anxiety which independent video has always done, but intensified in the gloomy times we are now experiencing, pushing art toward activism, the taking part, conscientious denunciation, uncomfortable images and pressing questions. The case of the tapes united here, about the hardening of city living conditions – and one specific metropolis par excellence – ask an explicit or implicit question in these glances or considerations, manifestos or poems; point of view about the significance of the home and its shortage, about stability and wanderings, about a city and its ruins”.  Eugeni Bonet “hogar/sin hogar” exhibit at Arteleku, San Sebastian (Spain), 1993


“Glances” explores how reality can change depending on the position of the viewer. To start with there is a window, and somebody looking without being seen. Then there is the exposing of the looking, and last the appropriation of the looking from whom was looked upon.

…When I moved to New York City

I lived for a few years near the Bowery.

My windows would expose scenes

I didn’t know how to relate to.

It became a peeping hole:

through the windows I would look at them

but I wouldn’t be seen by them.

One day I went down to the street

and exposed my looking to their staring.

 A videotape about watching

(a videotape about being watched).

Caterina Borelli, 1984